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Funny story with my hair (again)

I know I just made a post about my hair but it seems like suddenly people have become intrigued all at the same time. This morning I was returning from the bank and heading to work when I came to... Continue Reading →


The hair talk

A few weeks ago, while Skyping with my family my sister asked me if any of my students had said anything about my hair. As an African American my hair is about as opposite as it can be from my... Continue Reading →

Today is better

Well today felt better. My kindergartner classes went well and for some reason the kids really cheered me up more than usual. I also chatted a bit with Yoo-teacher and his wife afterwards and did not feel anxious like I... Continue Reading →

Rough day

Well I was supposed to explain how the rest of last week went. It was mostly uneventful. I did mange to get help with setting up a bank account. Yesterday, Sunday, was nice. I went to church. And afterwards got... Continue Reading →

1st week without Ree (part 1)

Monday Cleaning lady who is also the cooking lady (accidentally!) almost killed me with an apple. I'm allergic to certain fresh fruits. After teaching, my co-teacher, Yoo-teacher, and I were coming out the room when she came up to us... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Sunday outing

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to church and then was invited by Alex and Haley to get coffee. In case you are not aware, the cafe culture in Korea is huge. You can easily find a cafe in Korea, small ones,... Continue Reading →

Comforting words

Of course being away in a foreign country feels lonely at times. I feel I am on my own and that it's impossible to be welcomed when everyone's already established their friend groups. And also I'm not super outgoing or... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye

Today was "Ree's" goodbye event. We both did not know there was going to be anything until 30 minutes beforehand when our students told us. So we finished about an hour or so early and headed downstairs. Only the older... Continue Reading →

Teaching kindergarten

Hello again! This week I began teaching the kindergarten classes on my own. This would seem like nothing except, the past three weeks they have been practicing for the Thanksgiving Day performance that I talked about in my last entry.... Continue Reading →

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