I went to the movies for the first time here in Korea on Sunday. I went with four girls from church. The typical three I hang out with plus a new girl who came to the church for the first time and arrived only a month after me. After church we got coffee then dinner. We headed to the movies around 7pm to see La La Land.

The movie theatre, CGV, was on the third floor (maybe, I don’t remember) of a building near the church. Things are sometimes so particular in Korea and the movie theatre was no exception.

First we walked in and grabbed a ticket. You have to get a ticket with a number and wait until you see your number called on the screen. See the picture below.



Once we told the lady that there were five us, she showed us on the screen where the best seats would be for all five of us to sit. Yep, assigned seating! We gave a thumbs up and each paid about $8 for our tickets.

My friends has told me the caramel popcorn was really good and since I had paid for one friend’s dinner she treated me to popcorn and it was so good! I was so full from eating dinner, but I managed to finished all of it.



The movie theatre was quite small. Similar to the size of a Movie Tavern, but set up like a big theatre with different levels. So it just looked really mini. The movie was of course in English (being an American film) with Korean subtitles.

The movie was great! I highly recommend it. Definitely was not what I was expecting in a very good way. I had fun!