Today was wonderful! And I finally had the feeling of Christmas. So I’ll take you through my day.

Well I woke already happy because today was a Christmas party/celebration so I didn’t have to teach at all. Before I headed off for my kindergarten classes, I wanted to leave early to go to the bank and deposit money and also buy some Christmas cards for my co-workers and the school director.

The forecast says rain so I grab my small umbrella even though it doesn’t look like it’s raining. To my surprise it was not raining, but snowing! Or hailing! I’m not quite sure. It could have been both. I brave the cold to the bank and then to the store to get my cards. I arrive just in time to help with the kindergarten Christmas party.

My co-teacher dressed up as Jesus (after we finally were able to find the curly haired ginger wig haha!) The kids sang happy birthday to “Jesus” in Korean and English, sang Christmas songs and took pictures. It was cute of course.


Afterwards Cate showed me where the post office was because she had to mail out some Christmas cards. After that wwe stopped at a new store that opened recently. It’s called Artbox and it’s the best place ever filled with all sorts of cutesy things. With Christmas music (in English) playing throughout the store, I really got into the Christmas spirit finally!


We got some yummy lunch together and had great conversations. I really enjoy hanging out with Cate a lot. I also told Cate that I decided I would accept her invitation to a Christmas party tomorrow (on Christmas Eve). She had invited me to go with her and I originally said yes. But on Thursday I took it back and told her that I would probably just stay home. I didn’t feel like meeting more new people and having to socialize. Plus I rationalized that it was okay for me to say “no” because I’ve been saying “yes” so often since I got here. But I thought about and I realized that maybe holidays didn’t not count. Maybe I’m not allowed to say no for the holidays. If I don’t go to the party, I would just stay home all day and well it’s Christmas. How could I turn down an invitation to go to a Christmas party and have some fun? Plus I could always leave early. Cate was really happy to hear that I was coming and I was happy she still had the offer on the table.



After lunch we were walking home when we saw a strange kind of arcade place. This place only had the crane vending machine games inside. You know, the ones you never win at. It was pretty cool and the students have been talking about it recently. It’s fairly new.


I got a chance to rest at home for about an hour before going back to work.

It was a fun day. For each set of classes, we started off with prayer and singing happy birthday to Jesus. We sang songs and Yoo-teacher talked to them (in Korean) about reflecting on the year and thinking about parents and teachers. Next the kids had to recite lines from different stories about Jesus like when Jesus was born, when he fed many people with just a little food or when he died and rose again. Cate and I were the judges (this was a very similar thing to what we did for thanksgiving). Then it was game time. Cate led them in a game of capture the flag that became quite intense with some classes, but went pretty well with the oldest kids. Then they had a snack before they left and the next set of classes would come in. Cate gave me a card and Christmas gift. And I gave her, Yoo-teacher, Mrs. K, the head kindergartner teacher and the cleaning lady a Christmas card. Yoo-teacher and the head kindergarten teacher (his wife) were surprised and seemed to feel bad that they didn’t get me anything. But really it was no big deal. I just did it to be nice and I had just bought it today. It was nothing that spectacular.

Finally work was over and Cate and I headed to the stationary store because she had told me they have onesies there and I wanted to buy one. I settled on a Tigger onesie and was super excited about it.

We headed back to The Artbox store and on the way got a snack. It’s chicken with rice cakes. So yummy! (The picture doesn’t do it justice)


For the Christmas party that Cate invited me to, we are doing a gift exchange sort of thing so we needed to buy presents. And since we had been to Artbox this morning, we knew that was the best place to go. I bought a 3-D crystal puzzle of an old fashion car and also wrapping paper and tape.

Again it felt so great being in Artbox. All the people, the Christmas music, the shopping. It felt so much like Christmas! I keep saying that because it hasn’t felt at all like Christmas until now which has bummed me out because I LOVE Christmas! And it was just so nice to hang out with Cate. She’s a fun person. I took some pictures of some of the displays they have for toys or things you can make like Lego figures.


Finally Cate and I finished our shopping and headed home to drop off our stuff before going shopping again to Home Plus (grocery store) to buy some food to bring to the party tomorrow. But before that we saw another crane vending machine place!

Finally I returned home where I’m now watching as many Christmas movies and TV episodes as I can find on YouTube. I’m so thankful for Cate and Christmas and Artbox and onesie pajamas! This has been a wonderful day!