Well today felt better. My kindergartner classes went well and for some reason the kids really cheered me up more than usual. I also chatted a bit with Yoo-teacher and his wife afterwards and did not feel anxious like I normally do.

For one of my 1st grade classes, they played tic tac toe. Instead of Xs and Os, we had Pac-man and ghosts. The boys thought it was funny to draw mustaches on the ghosts. It’s fun to see them get so into the game.

One of my 4th grade classes, the one with mostly boys, was quite entertaining today. They always are, but sometimes they really make me laugh a lot.

And my last class was a lot better than yesterday. Unlike the other 5th grade class I have on Monday, this class is a lot chattier. In a good way. They are active in class and they even talk to me about other things. Like today one girl was telling me how her goal is try to break up all couples by Christmas Eve so everyone can be unhappy on Christmas Day like she will be because she doesn’t have a boyfriend haha. Quite the task to take on I think.

In some ways today wasn’t much different from yesterday. I did have a few classes today that stressed me out, I had kids who didn’t listen, I had to keep repeating myself more than I should have, I had to do a bit of scolding. But I had some peace today. I was praying last night that God would give me some sort of peace and that’s the only thing that can explain why today feels different from yesterday. I know everyday will not be easy, but I will only keep trying.