I know I just made a post about my hair but it seems like suddenly people have become intrigued all at the same time.

This morning I was returning from the bank and heading to work when I came to the crosswalk. I was waiting for the light to change when an older Korean woman came by wheeling a cart with cardboard boxes behind her.

Right away she stared for quite a while and then turned away and then stared again. Now I don’t get stared out super often, but when I do, I am always aware of it and my best way to deal with it is to avoid making eye contact because eventually they will move onto something else to look/stare at. But out the corner of my eye I could see she kept looking back at me more than most people do, so I decided to be friendly and give her a smile.

Suddenly she started trying to talk which I couldn’t hear well because she was wearing a mask over her nose and mouth. Then she made a hand gesture towards me like “come here.” Now the way we motion for “come here” in the US is different from in Korea so for a moment I had no idea if she was calling me towards her or was waving at me.

She pulled down her mask and immediately I heard the word “hair” and the her hand was reaching out towards me. Calmly and slowly I leaned my head back as she was reaching so she couldn’t actually touch me hair. I did not want a stranger to just touch me like that.

Luckily she either took the sign or gave up and dropped her hand. In Korean she asked me, “Who did your hair?” (For those who don’t know my hair is in twists)

“Me. I did it.” I said pointing to myself. I was also speaking in Korean to her.


“Yes.” I nodded.

She looked amazed. Then she touched my arm trying to encourage me to turn around. I did a quick spin. “You did all of it?”

I nodded again. “Yes.”

She still looked shocked and turned back to her cart.

“Do you like it?” I asked her, curious about what her answer would be.

“Yes!” She said happily.

“Really??” I didn’t have any expectations of her answer, but I was a little surprised to hear it.

“Yes!” She said again nodding.

The light finally changed and I headed off saying goodbye before I left. It was a unique, but surprisingly pleasant experience.