Today I went to a Christmas decoration party although I would say it was more of a church get together. The pastor’s wife invited me and Ree to come to her son’s house to decorate and eat food together. I didn’t really want to go still feeling new and all, but I thought I might as well push through this awkward phase and maybe going would speed that up.

Ree and I took the bus to Gunsan picking up some drinks for the party on the way. We went to the pastor’s son, “Jeffery’s” apartment and were the first ones there. Once some more people came, some of us made cookies while other people cooked for lunch and Jeffery made hot chocolate. Altogether there were 13 of us including Jeffery’s two young kids. It felt really homey to be around families and friends even if I’m still getting to know them. The boys set up the Christmas tree. We watched the movie “Jingle All the Way” and the newest “Peanuts Movie.” The food was super delicious and I ate way too many cookies. We also played a game of Spoons together.


Also it snowed for the first time in Korea! It did not stick at all and eventually turned to rain, but in Seoul I believe there was quite a bit of snow that gathered.

I’m so glad I went! I had a great time being around people as we prepared to bring in the Christmas cheer.