Last Sunday I want to church with my co-workers again. I work at a Christian school and so most people there (I assume) are Christian. We go to a church in Gunsan which is only about a 30 minute car ride. A lady from church who lives in Iksan picks us up at our apartment.

The service is in English and I would say most people who attend are foreigners since the the church was originally created as a way to minister to military people in Korea. Right now there are mostly military men (some single and some with their families) and the rest of us are English teachers. And there are some Koreans who attend as well. They get an earpiece that translates the service to Korean if they are not fluent enough to understand. The congregation is pretty small.

Anyway although I went to the church the Sunday before, this past weekend allowed me to really enjoy the service since I was not freaking out about being in a completely new environment and wondering how to avoid appearing so awkward. I really do like the church. I like the preacher. I like the way he preaches and I like the message he sends. I feel so happy that I ended up here in Iksan, meeting the people that I have and now discovering this new church. And I feel my faith strengthening. I admit I was regretting things before I arrived, but now I see I am where I am supposed to be and things could not have been any better.

In between the morning and evening service we ate and then had time to play games. Cate invited me to go with her and some of her friends to a nearby cafe to play more games after the afternoon service.

So we walked about 10 minutes to get to the cafe. It was a different vibe than how cafes usually are here. Most cafes are kinda cutesy and warm and cozy. And while this cafe was cozy, it also has an industrial feel to it which is different I think.


The 6 of us played some card games and drank coffee for a few hours. It was a lot of fun. And I think games are a nice way to relax around new people. The military guys were nice and funny. I laughed a lot. They are young guys in their twenties, one is even younger than me.

Afterwards, Cate and I headed back to Iksan where we ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant and got to know each other better.

I had a nice Sunday.