Last Friday my 2 co-workers and I left the school at around 8:40 after finishing classes. We were thinking about grabbing a meal together before heading home when we saw this and heard chanting.


So what do you do when you see a protest in Korea? You follow it of course haha! Korea is probably one of the safest place to see and be around a protest and none of us had experienced this so we followed the crowd.

Despite being in a smaller city it was a large crowd mixed with all kinds of people: older people, younger people, families, teens, children. Ree was able to translate their sign which had the president’s name and then the word resignation underneath it. This article here is a quick read about what happened with the president.

The timing was so odd. Just a few days after the election back home in the US. So weird…

Anyway I managed to capture some footage.

After the protest, the three of us went out to dinner. It was soooo good! And we were able to choose our own ingredients, sauce and make it ourselves. The yellow stuff in the picture is cheese and to me, cheese just makes everything so much better. Very delicious!