Last week I went with the school director Mrs. Kim to the hospital to get a health and drug test. The hospital as not far and since it was lunchtime it wasn’t busy either.

First they had to see my passport and I had to give them 2 passport sized pictures. Then I was shuffled to another place where I signed a sheet about basic health information. Mrs. Kim was my translator the whole time.

Next I went to see the doctor (or one of the doctors). He asked about my medical history (I just said I didn’t have any problems, but I have a cold) and then did the whole deep breaths and stethoscope thing.

Then I went with another lady who measured my bust (not sure what that was for) and took my height and weight.
Another lady did a quick hearing and visual test.

I was then shifted down the line to a guy who told me to pee in a cup. Once I did that he took my blood.

Next I got a chest x-Ray or maybe chest scan.

I even had to go to another room for dentistry where I guess the lady counted my teeth.

After that I was done. It was a lot, but it was actually pretty quick since it wasn’t busy.

Then Mrs. Kim took me to lunch! We were gonna go to a 돈까스 place but it was closed. So we went to another place. Not sure what the food was called, but it was delicious.


On Wednesday we went to the immigration office and afterwards had lunch again. This time we were watching the TV to see how the presidential election in the US would go. Soon I will have my registration card. Anyway it’s nice to get to know my boss better and become more comfortable around her.