This past weekend was very busy for me. So this post is just about Saturday.

Sometime last week, another English teacher at the school, I’ll call her “Cate” invited me to hang out with her and some friends on Saturday. Being the lazy and introverted person that I am I almost decided to just relax at home all day which would not have been a completely terrible idea since I got sick on Friday and was overall just exhausted from the whole week. But last time I was in Korea I said no a lot more times when I could have said yes. So I decided to go. It’s better to say yes a lot in the beginning anyway.

First me, Cate and her friend went to the bus station to meet two more of their friends. This was a good experience for me to see how to use the bus in my city and how to get to the bus station so I can take buses to other cities.

Then the 5 of us went to the flower festival in Iksan, where I live. Cate and I went on Friday with the kindergartners and even younger kids from our school, but we could not fully enjoy it ourselves. Here’s the group I was with.


Imagine dealing with 7-8 two or three year olds at a crowded event like this. Now imagine that with a language barrier. Just saying simple stuff is challenging and of course even when I try to speak Korean it is not understandable probably because I’m saying everything wrong and also because of my American accent. It was a challenge.

So on Saturday we got to really soak up the experience. It was really nice. And the Korean people seemed to be really happy to see us 5 foreigners enjoying our time. At one point I felt like we were celebrities. People would come and talk to us or say hi. One guy even wanted us to take a picture with him and maybe his son or grandson. Another guy gave us samples from his food booth. Only one girl yelled and pointed at us or maybe just me which was annoying because we’re foreigners not aliens!

Then we went into tented areas where I think people in the community had made things. It was nice and I liked seeing the bonsai trees.

We did a little bit more walking around. Then headed to a cafe where we chatted for awhile. I’m not sure if this cafe was actually a dog cafe, but in one section of the cafe there were two puppies that customers could play with so we got some puppy cuddling.

Then back home we went. Cate said we walked about 7 miles that day. My body definitely felt like it. And that was just Saturday.