First off so sorry it took forever for me to write this!

So last week was my first week at the school. I was mostly just observing, but I did a little bit of teaching and had some involvement later in the week. I kinda forgot exactly what happened the first few days, but I will generally recount what happened last week.

Me and the teacher I’m replacing, (who I will call “Ree”) leave the apartment and walk to the school.

We arrive and prepare to teach. We head downstairs where the kindergartners and toddlers are. It’s a no-shoe zone so we leave our shoes in the stairwell.

First we teacher the younger kindergartners (Korean kids have 2 years of kindergarten). There are I think 10 kids. They are super cute. Yun-teacher, my co-teacher and translator comes in. We sing songs, I tell them a bible story and sometimes we color afterwards. I started teaching them on Wednesday onward.
The next 30 minutes are with the older kindergarteners. There are maybe 15 of them. They are more rowdy than the first group. We also sing and I tell them a bible story. The first day I taught they actually paid attention and were really active in answering questions. Cute kids.

FREEDOM! This is lunch break so a few days I went back to the house and Ree and I ate something there. Other times we went to a restaurant. Nice to get back into bed.

I have two rounds with 3 classes for each round. So I have 6 classes during this time. The first round of kids are from 1st to 2nd grade. The second round is from 3rd grade to 4th. Maybe 5th grade.
From the first day I was impressed by the kids. They are so smart, their pronunciation is pretty good and it’s comforting to see them because they remind me of my siblings. People were asking me how I can teach English when I don’t speak Korean. Even I was not sure how that would work. But these kids really do have a good command of English.

Break time! This is a break for dinner. I haven’t actually eaten during this time. Usually Ree prepares for the next classes or she explains some things to me and answers questions.

One of the most talkative classes comes in. They are in maybe 6th grade. It’s fun to chat with them because they are past the feeling shy or embarrassed about making mistakes phase. I feel like I could learn from them. On Fridays I teach bible.

This next class is small and made up of older kids who came to the school and haven’t ever been to a hagwon or maybe haven’t been to one consistently so their level is a little lower. I feel these students are the underdogs of the school because they must feel they are the worse ones here. Hopefully I could encourage them to feel more confident.

On Wednesday and Thursday my day ends here! Yay! But on the other days (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) it goes on a little longer.

One of the oldest classes. They are 13. It’s so funny to see the 1st graders and then see these kids who are at that teen stage and are “too cool for school.” On Fridays it’s bible class.

And finally the next class is also filled with 13 year olds. They are quite chatty and really good at English. Almost all the classes had to introduce themselves to me and this was the only class that actually had people volunteer to introduce themselves and even those that didn’t volunteer did it painlessly. Too cute. This class also has bible class on Fridays.

And that is how my day goes. It is such a different type of schedule that I’m still adjusting to.