I am on Korean soil! I waited months to finally get here and the big day was not uneventful!

I woke up at 5am to head to the airport. My whole family came and we hugged goodbye. I cried, freaked out and asked if I could just skip my flight and stay home.

I left the ATL airport from Georgia at 8:20. The 5 hour flight took me to Seattle, Washington.

When I entered the SEA airport I was soooo confused. I wandered around trying to find the departure listings board. Panicked because I couldn’t find it. Panicked even more because my first plane arrived late and I had 30 mins to get to the gate. Luckily I have the Delta app so I opened it and it led me to gate A12.

Panicked again even more because gate A12 felt like 5 miles away!! Almost had a meltdown when I arrived at gate A12 and some other flight was listed. Later learned they just didn’t change the screen yet.

Checked in and relaxed for awhile waiting to board. Boarding and take off was delayed so we were maybe an hour late.

The flight was sooo uncomfortable. I had a headache. I couldn’t sleep. I was hungry. My neck hurt.

But on the bright side they fed us well and I watched some TV shows and a Korean movie which was really good. We even got Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for a snack!

Finally landed about 12 hours later! We were more than 30 minutes late.

Arrived in the airport and tried to connect to wifi because I needed to contact my recruiter as soon as I landed and contact the teacher who was supposed to be picking me up.

Could not connect to wifi! Freaked out a lot!

Also could not even use my data. Freaked out a lot more!

Followed the crowd to immigration still desperately trying to get wifi or have data on my phone. I was desperate!

Panicked internally a lot while I waited in line for immigration.

Got through immigration and called Verizon about giving me a travel pass plan which they did easily! (Good customer service too! Thank you Verizon guy!)

Coincidentally wifi finally started working…sigh

Contacted the recruiter and the teacher. The teacher was running late which worked out well because my flight was late and I still had to get my bags.

Got my luggage, exchanged money, and easily went through customs.

Waited to be picked up my the teacher.

She came and we bought a bus ticket and boarded.

We talked a lot for one hour. Then passed out.

Sleeping on the bus was great or at least much better than the plane. The seat leaned back all the way and there was more space and it was warm.

3 hours later we arrived in Iksan. The taxi took us to the apartment. It took maybe 20 minutes (we shared it with someone else too).

Arrived at the apartment and was in disbelief that I was actually in Korea!

Chatted with the teacher. She showed me everything and made me comfortable.

I contacted my family to let them know I was okay. Took a quick shower and headed to bed. (And I woke up with pretty much zero jetlag)

Today is my first day going to the school which I will write about later. Wish me luck!