In August, I accepted an English teacher position in Iksan, South Korea!

I had quite a wild summer applying, interviewing, and preparing all the documents I need (more on that later). Now I’m just waiting to get my plane ticket and I will be up and away by late October!

Till then, I’ll be mentally preparing as well as doing my best to get everything together before I leave. Luckily I’ve been to Korea before so I’m not completely going in blind.

For the past few years, I’ve been admiring and being envious of those who are traveling and going abroad. I feel so lucky that I’m now a part of that and it’ll be at least for an entire year. I know it’ll be difficult at times (this is my first real “official” job!), but I know that I’m an adaptable person and I’ll find all the good things again.

Can’t wait to get started!